How to Get the Most from Your Commercial Heating

Here in the UK, we experience quite unpredictable weather. The temperature can fluctuate widely from one day to the next, especially in the winter months, and it’s important to ensure that your building remains sufficiently heated.

You may think that installing a commercial heating system into your building, factory or warehouse is suitably sufficient, but is that really the case? Whilst commercial heating systems are a great way to ensure stable and consistent temperatures in a building, there are still steps that should be taken to ensure you get the most from your heating system. Everything from the size of the building, the type of building and the number of employees can have an effect on how efficiently your heaters are being used.

Commercial Heater

Here are a few things to consider when it comes to your commercial heating to ensure you get the most out of it:


It’s important to keep a workplace at a consistent temperature. Early mornings can be incredibly cold in winter, and some employees may be tempted to crank the heating up to full blast, if they become impatient with how chilly the office is in the morning. The problem is, it will soon become way too hot and then air conditioning will be put on to counteract this, which is a terrible waste of energy. Instead, keep your heaters at a consistent, sufficient temperature, timed to come on at appropriate times, so that the workplace is always at a comfortable temperature for employees.


If your building consists of many rooms and floors, you will most likely opt for multiple heating systems to cover all of the areas. However, it’s worth remembering that not every single room in a building will be used that often. For areas that aren’t as frequently occupied, it’s a good idea to turn off the heating to save on energy and money. There really isn’t any point in heating rooms that aren’t in use. If you know when certain areas are likely to become occupied, you can set up times for the different heaters to come on, while keeping them off when they’re not in use.


Did you know that up to 40% of heat can be lost through doors and windows? To help keep your building warm and get the most from your heaters, invest in double glazing for all windows and ensure there are no gaps which the heat can escape through. It’s tempting to turn the heat up when you feel a draught, but a much more efficient (and cheaper) option is to get some draught excluders for the doors to prevent the chill from getting in.


Heating a large open space such as a warehouse can be a challenge, so it may be worth breaking it up into smaller areas with partitions. This can help to deflect the heat back into each section, rather than allowing it to dissipate into the space. Multiple heaters can be helpful in this kind of environment, programmed to lower temperatures so they work together to create a sufficiently warm environment, rather than trying to heat the entire space from one heater at full blast.

New Heater

If your commercial heating system has seen better days, it might be time for a replacement. At Air Conditioning World, we provide commercial heating systems and pumps designed to produce clean and safe heating for your commercial property. For an incredibly efficient and economical heating system, browse our range online today.

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