Winter Has Finally Arrived!!

Winter Has Finally Arrived!!

Here in England we’re so used to the rubbish winter weather, that sometimes we don’t prepare ourselves enough for it. Things get damaged through the harsh winter days, things that cost a lot of money. NOT ANYMORE! – Have a quick read through this and it will give you some tips on preparing your Air conditioning unit for winter.

All of the air conditioning units we supply provide a very efficient source of heating as well as cool conditioned air for the warm summer days. We want all our customers to know how their air conditioning unit works during the colder weather…

When your unit is in heating mode, you may not be aware of one common function that all air conditioning units have but may lead you to think that your unit isn’t working properly. This function is called Auto Defrost. Auto Defrost is a sequence that every system will go through when the outside air temperature drops close to or below 0 degrees. The outdoor unit will run through a cooling cycle to provide warm air around the components within the outdoor unit preventing it from freezing over. This process can last up to an hour but may take longer depending on how well maintained your system is. If your unit doesn’t Auto Defrost, it can start looking like this…


Whilst the system is going through the Auto Defrost cycle, the indoor unit will blow out cool air. The system isn’t faulty, just protecting itself from the cold air!

Our advice is:

  1. Use the timer on the unit to ensure it comes on at least 1 hour prior to the time you want to start warming the space
  2. Set the temperature to 21-22 degrees rather than 30 degrees. This will shorten the time the outdoor unit remains in the Auto Defrost mode
  3. Ensure your unit is regularly serviced at least once every 12 months. If you rely on your air conditioning for heating, we advise getting it serviced at the start of the winter to ensure it is in the best condition


We have a fully qualified team of engineers that cover the whole of the UK who can diagnose and repair all faults. They are specialists in the service and maintenance of all types of air conditioning. Contact us contact now to book your annual service inspection or for more information.

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