The Importance of Keeping Your Office at the Optimal Temperature

Running a busy office can, at times, be a bit of a juggling act.

Ensuring the employees’ well-being is of central importance, yet also ensuring that the daily operations are completed to their maximum potential, is a continuous challenge.

A recent study has found that complaints raised about the temperature of the office are one of the top issues employees regularly have, and, even more alarmingly, we can spend up to 20 minutes per day complaining.

No successful business can afford to have so much time wasted on something which can be amended in one easy step.

The Benefits

There are multiple benefits to keeping your office at its optimal temperature.

Energy Efficient

First and foremost, it is the most energy-efficient way and, seen as all businesses endeavour to save money where possible, this is an attractive concept.

Maintaining the same temperature at all times ensures that there is a regular flow of heat or cool air circulating, keeping the office air light and fresh.


Another factor which highlights the importance of keeping your office at the optimal temperature is employee productivity.

Temperature drastically affects productivity as, set it too cold, or alternatively too warm, and your employees will spend more time trying to adjust to the extreme temperatures, utilising more work time complaining about it in the process.

By setting a standard temperature, which is suitable for all employees, you immediately alleviate this potential issue, saving you time and money long term.

cold in the office

Employee Health

Further to this, the correct temperature can even affect your employee’s health.

Presenting a comfortable working environment is, as the employer, your legal requirement.

Reducing employee sick days, building stronger team relationships, and raising employee mood are all factors which are directly affected by the right temperature.

Get it right, and you have a stronger, more profitable workforce; get it wrong, and you will begin to start experiencing issues frequently.

How to Find the Optimal Temperature

Part of the issue with maintaining the optimal temperature is knowing which is the right temperature to adjust the office too.

This is something that the world of office work seemingly cannot find a resolution too, with a staggering forty-two percent of employees surveyed revealing that their offices are too warm during the summer, and 56 percent reporting that their offices are too cold in the winter. Click here to find out more shocking statistics.

Air Conditioning

But where does this leave you? Is it better to have a cooler atmosphere, and to encourage your employees to layer up with warmer clothing? Or does this border on an unsuitable working environment?

With statistics proving that higher productivity and fewer errors are achieved in a warmer environment, the answer is clear. Take a look at our commercial heating systems, which are sure to help regulate the optimal temperature of your office.

Any questions? Do not hesitate to contact us with any queries – here at Cool Tech Air Conditioning, our expert and friendly team can assist you in finding the perfect solution to this age-old office issue.

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