Get Your Air Conditioner Ready for Summer

Now that summer in the UK is truly getting underway, you’re probably thinking about switching on the workplace air conditioner for your employees. Overheated workers won’t be able to concentrate efficiently on the job at hand, lowering their productivity, so air conditioners are certainly a God send during the hot summer months.

However, if your air conditioner has been sitting idle throughout winter and autumn, then it may have built up dust and debris. A dirty air conditioner will circulate unclean air, which can trigger allergies and allergic reactions, as well as lower the overall air quality.

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So, before the summer really kicks in, you’ll need to make sure that you run all the appropriate checks and maintenance so your air conditioner will run efficiently all summer long. Here’s where to start:

Change the Filters

Dirty filters will cause an air conditioner to work harder to move the air around the space as it fights to get around the dust and debris caught in the filters. It can also create an unhealthy work environment as the filters circulate the dust in the air that people are breathing in.

Filters should be changed or cleaned regularly to keep the system running smoothly. Twice a year should do, or whenever they look clogged with dust. Make sure this is done at the start of the summer when the unit is going to see the most usage.

Sort Out the Settings

Air conditioning units vary a lot, some come with remote controls whilst others are operated with thermostats. Whichever model you have, make sure you set the correct settings for usage at the start of its summer use.

For a work environment, you’ll want to set it to come on at the start of the working day and switch off at end. Fortunately, many models – such as the ones we have at Air Conditioning World – come with an app, so you can control the unit through your smartphone. You’ll have complete control over the temperature in the workplace or home from your own device.

Check the Air Ducts

Take a look around the air conditioning unit’s duct work to check everything is in order. There shouldn’t be any obstructions inside as these can block the air flow and lead to inadequate cooling. Make sure there are no holes or chinks in the ductwork and that all the seals are intact. It also wouldn’t hurt to get your ductwork cleaned out by a professional if you can smell any bad odours or there is any visible mould.

Clear Any Debris from Outdoor Condenser Units

After sitting outdoors for the past half a year, the outdoor condenser may have become covered with leaves and debris, which you should clean away. Make sure the unit is switched off completely and clear the debris from the top and around the base. You can clean the blower’s fan blades using a vacuum or a rag. Consult your unit’s manual for instructions on how to dismantle it if you want to give it a thorough clean, otherwise bring in a professional to do it for you.

Test the Unit

It’s always a good idea to test your unit to ensure it’s working efficiently. Turn on the unit and have a play around with the temperature controls to ensure that the settings are working as they should be. Try to schedule some time on a weekend when your employees aren’t working to make sure it’s functioning properly. Then if you discover any problems, or the unit isn’t turning on at all, you’ll have time to get a professional in to have a look before the start of the working week.

Your employees won’t want to work in a sweltering office with a broken air conditioner, so make sure everything is in working order within plenty of time before the high temperatures of the summer really start to kick in.

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At Air Conditioning World, we can provide you with a wall mounted air conditioner for both commercial and domestic use. We believe in providing great quality and excellent value to help you improve the productivity and enjoyment of the home or workspace. We provide units that include some of the latest features like wi-fi, auto cleaning and smart diagnoses. Contact us today for more information about any of our air conditioning units.

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