Air to Water Heat Pumps

Air to Water Heat Pump Systems from Air Conditioning World

Take a look at our range of air to water heat pumps for efficient home heating. Each of these heaters provides more heat than traditional combustible alternatives due to a transferral of heat and is also more economical, costing less to run on electricity.

As air to water heat pumps are more environmentally friendly due to their reduced CO₂ emissions, you can rest assured that you will be leaving less of a carbon footprint. Additionally, our range of heaters safely produce heat and are a great economical alternative due to their integrated hot water heaters, immersion heaters, circulation pumps and built-in climate control system.

How Air to Water Heat Pumps Work

First, the heat is absorbed from outdoors via the outdoor unit, which is then transferred to the refrigerant that circulates in the piping system. This is then compressed in the refrigerant unit to increase the temperature before being passed to the indoor unit where it is then dispersed into your home. The refrigerant liquid then passes back to the outdoor unit to begin the process again, ensuring a continual flow of heat into your home.

For those hot days in summer, you will also be able to take advantage of the air to water heat pump’s ability to reverse this process whereby, hot air is taken from indoors and expelled outdoors.

Various Sizes & System Power Variances

Here at Air Conditioning World, we pride ourselves on being able to provide a wide variety of different sizes and system power variances; therefore, you can be sure to find the best air-to-water heat pump to suit your own requirements.

Take advantage of utilising our handy filter, located at the top of the page to quickly see air-to-water heat pumps that are in your price range, and that adhere to your specifications.

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