Commercial Heating Systems

Commercial Heating Systems & Commercial Heat Pumps

For efficient commercial heating systems and commercial heat pumps, look no further than Air Conditioning World. We stock an extensive array of commercial heating pumps and HVAC systems which are designed to produce clean and safe heating to your commercial property.

Our Range of Commercial Heat Pumps

Commercial heat pumps work by extracting cold air and heating it via the warming of coils housed in the internal chassis of the unit and pump heat through the premises. One main advantage associated with commercial heat pumps is their independence from gas or oil, making them a more efficient and cost-effective alternative to other heating units available on the market today.

These units can be fitted near the ceiling, mounted to the floor or the walls, making them incredibly adaptable and convenient for a variety of purposes.

HVAC Commercial Heating Systems

HVAC, also known as Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning, are systems built to provide heat to the premises and improve air quality to the room. Not only do these units regulate the indoor temperature, but also intake outdoor air through the use of their powerful extraction fans.

The integrated air filtration system incorporated in these commercial heating systems allows for airborne particles to be destroyed, meaning your commercial property receives a constant stream of clean air.

Similar to air to water heat pumps, the compressor in the HVAC system compresses the refrigerant in order to increase both the pressure and the heat. The hot air is brought in via the extraction fan located outside to liquify the refrigerant which then has its pressure lowered by the expansion valve. The heat is then transferred by the evaporator to convert the refrigeration liquid into warmer gas.

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