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Ducted air conditioners are an exceptionally discreet choice for aesthetically pleasing comfort. You can expect to find the units concealed in your ceiling which secures quiet operation and seamless integration into your homes décor, with only the controller, return air and discharge grills visible inside your home after installation. Operated remotely with easy control of temperatures and zones with set & forget timers, ducted options offer a high level of flexibility across a number of different rooms or areas.

There are many great things that lead you to choose these units and perhaps some of the greatest attributes include the even air distribution with no cold or hot spots as you may find with others, multiple units supply ideal temperatures through cold and warm seasons through a reverse cycle conditioning, and their suitability for open plan spaces, commercial or domestic. The energy efficiency is partnered with a cost efficiency that relates to the installation of ducted units that supply multiple rooms in comparison with wall hung split systems for example.


Ducted Air Conditioners from Mitsubishi, Toshiba & Many More

Ducted air conditioners work by pumping cooled air from a central cooling unit through a series of ducts which end in vents, it is through these that the cool air is transferred to your rooms. It is worth noting that there are different variations; bulkhead units are designed to allow for flexible installation in the best available space and slimline units offer a compact design that make them deal for apartment and hotel use. Air Conditioning World believe in offering expert advice, design and installation which is why our units are from reliable brands such as Mitsubishi, Toshiba & Hitachi amongst many more with some of the following fabulous features:

  • Auto-restart and changeover  
  • Long-life filter
  • Demand control & Noise reduction
  • High seasonal performance
  • Inverter control (adjusts performance to economically match demand for heating/cooling
  • Hot start – draught prevention


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