Under Ceiling Air Conditioners

Ceiling Mounted Air Cooling Systems

Under ceiling air conditioners are similar to ceiling cassette in the fact that they are ceiling mounted, however, they are more appropriate in settings that do not benefit from a false or suspended ceiling to install the system into. You can expect these units to be mounted to a wall just below the ceiling height, and although they may not be considered as aesthetically pleasing, they are much more powerful.

Such systems are ideal for large and open commercial settings such as fast food restaurants, bakeries, larger retail stores & warehousing, as well as schools; these areas are likely to require a high volume of air circulation in an environment that has an interest in space saving. With an ability to provide airflow for a long distance, under ceiling air conditioners fit well into longer, more narrow premises, delivering sustainable buildings that are energy efficient as well as productive and comfortable.

Leading Under Ceiling Air Conditioners from Leading Brands

As under ceiling air conditioners offer some of the most powerful units on the market, it is likely that you will require less units to cool the entire space, as perhaps in smaller wall mounted ones. This is likely to reduce your initial and installation costs, paired with the simple installation process saving you precious time. Designed in a stylish and a low noise way, they create a relaxed atmosphere in which they lift air horizontally along the ceiling, avoiding the release of this directly onto occupants.

Here at Air Conditioning World, we believe in offering the best, which is why are under ceiling air conditioners are available from leading brands that guarantee reliability and durability. In fact, Toshiba was the first company to incorporate inverter technology into air conditioning systems and has always maintained such an advantage. Other brands include Samsung, Mitsubishi and Carrier and boast a collection of the following features:

  • - Heat pumps, they have the ability to provide a comfortable temperature all year round
  • - WiFi ready
  • - Highly energy efficient, reducing greenhouse gases at source
  • - Coating protecting surface from unnecessary corrosion: extending the life of the unit
  • - Compact size
  • - Airflow direction control
  • - Easy installation and maintenance
  • - Mould proof

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