Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioners

Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioners from Air Conditioning World

Ceiling cassette air conditioners have long been a necessity in most modern buildings, with its popularity only increasing in the commercial setting. From offices to retail stores and warehouses, they are incredibly useful for both the comfort of the staff and customers as well as maintaining optimum temperatures.

Often, the temperature is crucial to the keeping products and services in saleable and working conditions - computer/server rooms for example generate a lot of heat and to ensure they continue to work and do not over heat, air conditioning is the ideal solution.

It works by taking in warm air and moving it along an element that contains refrigerant that lowers the temperature of the outputted air. One of the many great things about ceiling cassette air conditioners is that since they are mounted in the ceiling, pointing in the direction of the floor, they can provide excellent coverage if the fans are powerful enough.

Leading Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioners from Leading Brands

At Air Conditioning World, we believe that offering the best and most reliable brands will give you the best and most reliable results which is why our ceiling cassette air conditioners are available from the likes of Carrier and Mitsubishi.

All of our ceiling cassette units are available at great prices that promise to beat any like for like quote, you can have quality and value.

Both perfect for commercial and residential premises that are generally large open-plan areas, they are easy to install into false/suspended ceilings, simultaneously freeing up floor and wall space and providing an unobtrusive aesthetic.

Further benefits of the units are that they tend to be exceptionally quiet, making them almost unnoticeable as well as a likelihood to be very energy efficient; helping the environment and your outgoings.

Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioner Features

  • - High performance, available as standard & premium units
  • - Energy efficiency
  • - 360 airflow for full room coverage
  • - Equipment can be linked by integrated control and monitoring system giving complete transparency

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