Wall Mounted Air Conditioners

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Wall mounted air conditioners are arguably the most popular form of AC units in the UK, used to eliminate warm air from the room. This is due in part to the recognition of the affordability of these cooling units as well as their flexibility in aesthetic and positioning.

The units can be mounted on almost any wall and are positioned at a high level on the wall, ensuring an unobtrusiveness that will easily blend into the background in most settings. Select models like the Daikin FTXS25K also feature a heat pump meaning they can heat as well as cool, keeping you comfortable all year round.

Unlike other fitted units such as the ceiling cassete, those that are wall mounted are better suited to smaller areas in both commercial and residential settings, such as closed offices, smaller retail stores and bedrooms at home or in hotels. 

If you prefer to have wall mounted air conditioners in larger expanses of space, this is not an issue but there will be a requirement for multiple units to ensure optimum effectiveness whilst eliminating ‘hotspots’, areas that are left out.

Using this solution rather than an industrial unit provides an exceptionally quieter alternative with no strong gusts, enabling people to sleep and work without distraction when the unit is turned on.

Wall Mounted Air Conditioners from Leading Brands

Strengths of wall mounted air conditioners continue as abilities to get the balance just right, to act as valuable space savers and provide a hassle-free option that does not require any packing away or storage. They are also a great choice for premises that do not have false or suspended ceilings to install cooling systems into.

At Air Conditioning World we believe in providing great quality for excellent value to help you improve the productivity and enjoyment of the home or work space and offer units from some of the leading brands such as LG, Daikin and Mitsubishi which offer some of the finest features:

  • - Wi-Fi ready
  • - Energy efficiency & display
  • - Auto cleaning
  • - Smart diagnosis & sensors for occupancy, position and body temperature
  • - Filtering – even for the most microscopic particles
  • - Preventing dust & grease accumulation

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