LG Art Cool Air Conditioning

Before the advancements of LG Artcool, Air Conditioning World had been proudly offering their services and consultancy regarding air conditioning in Lancashire, North West England since 2002. They have now expanded to serve the whole of the country and this is with thanks to their careful selection of the most reliable and renowned brands that will serve you well. LG have been key players in air conditioning since they manufactured the first of its kind in Korea back in 1968, leading to further successes including pioneering innovations and becoming world leading sellers.


LG ArtCool and Contemporary

Big bulky air conditioning units are a thing of the past; for a slim air conditioner that combines functionality with contemporary aesthetics to easily fit into modern décor, the LG Artcool air conditioning range will have a model suited to you. For settings such as classrooms and hotel rooms where noise is considered irritating and distracting, a quiet ac unit from LG Artcool is the solution. These machines are also highly energy efficient and ensure their sustainability through features such as their 24 hours on/off timer and the sleep mode, reducing consumption when not being used. Wi-Fi ready models such as the LG Artcool NS3G09WL/G12WL strive for efficiency with their remote controllable settings and LG’s very own smart control app. Of course, these technological developments do not jeopardise the look and such LG Artcool air conditioners boast LED & mood lighting with a 3-way soft airflow.

With every LG Art cool air conditioner featuring a self-cleaning indoor coil and a 3M micro protection filter, you can say hello to low-maintenance and improved performance. For those that also require an outdoor unit, a gold fin coating is applied, not only maintaining excellent heat transfer properties, but also reducing the effects of corrosion making it appropriate for locations with high pollution or exposure to saltwater.


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